One for the World is an organization that uses rigorous, data-driven charity selection to recommend the most effective charities to donate your dollars to. By giving at least 1% of your income to these effective charities, you can maximize your impact and fight extreme poverty.


Our Beginning

One for the World began at the Wharton School in 2014 when Kate Epstein and Josh McCann started a conversation about how MBA students could make a huge positive impact by giving to effective charities. Many students and young professionals want to make charitable giving a part of their everyday lives, but don't know which charities to give to, or don't have the time to research charities in detail. One for the World strives to make that decision easier.


Since 2014, One for the World has grown to over 300 members, building a movement across six schools. Together, we have donated $161,535 to effective charities since 2014, and are on course to donate $150,000 in 2018 academic year (July 1 to June 30) alone.

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"One for the World is a small, but very important development in the fight against the devastating effects of extreme poverty."

— Charlie Bresler, Ph.D, Executive Director, The Life You Can Save


Our Mission

One for the World seeks to grow the effective altruism movement. We critically assess which charities are having the most impact, because the charities that you donate to are going to be the biggest factor in determining how much good you can do. We make donating to these effective charities easy by providing a list of recommended and vetted charities that you can trust. By focusing giving only to the best organizations, you can have an impact even with a small donation.

One for the World has partnered with The Life You Can Save to compile a list of recommended charities based on extensive research and analysis. One for the World’s portfolio consists of 20 highly effective charities, of which we have designated five as One for the World Top Picks.

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A sample of One for the World's impact (so far)


22,271 nets funded to date, protecting 40,087 people through the Against Malaria Foundation


Health products and services through Living Goods provided to 13,329 people


27,963 children de-wormed through the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative


35,605 people provided with clean water through Evidence Action

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Just 1% of the average annual salary of...

an MBA grad would provide over 12,000 children with de-worming treatments

a biglaw associate can protect 1,024 people from malaria for three to four years

a college grad could provide 533 people with safe water for an entire year


Get Involved

With chapters at Wharton, MIT, Harvard, Penn and Columbia, One for the World constantly looks to expand to new campuses to educate students about the positive impact they can have on the world, and increase the amount of money raised for effective charities.

If you are looking for an opportunity to set the direction of a growing organization that can make a huge impact, this is an exciting opportunity. With continuous support from One for the World's central organization, chapter leaders have an opportunity to make giving part of the culture on their campus.

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