The Wharton School (MBA)


One for the World (OFTW) is a student-led initiative at the Wharton School’s MBA program designed to encourage our classmates to donate 1% of their future income on an ongoing basis to organizations that have been proven to have a cost effective impact on the number of preventable deaths the world currently endures.

One for the World started as a simple class assignment. Josh McCann had to give a persuasive speech for the Wharton MBA required communications course and he contended that successful professionals should donate 1% of their income to fight extreme poverty. His classmate, Kate Epstein, was moved by this simple but captivating idea. Together, they formed One for the World in 2014 to encourage people to donate to the world’s most effective charities.

We want to be the catalyst for a broad movement at undergraduate and graduate schools, to get a large percentage of a graduating class to pledge to donate 1% of their income to the most effective organizations that reduce preventable deaths and assist people living in abject poverty.