One for the World asks students and alumni to donate 1% of their income to most effective charities working to end extreme poverty. Our goal is to educate the Villanova community on extreme poverty and effective giving, as well as, to raise money for these evidence-backed non-profits that help the world's poorest and most vulnerable people. 

We have developed a rigorous process for evaluating non-profits and have identified the most effective organizations in this space: The Against Malaria Foundation, GiveDirectly, Possible, Living Goods and Population Services International.

We are starting the movement at Villanova University and would love for you to join us!


One for the World at Villanova is looking forward to kicking off a great new year of giving! 

Now beginning our second semester on campus, Villanova OFTW has welcomed Brett Schratz and Grayson Kisker as our new Co-Presidents, as well as Kathleen Connor as Vice President. Our new executive board is excited to welcome new members to our OFTW team at Villanova, and to even further spread our message across campus. This semester, we plan to fill our calendar with guest speakers, team events, and pledge weeks to encourage Villanovans to pledge 1% and help end world poverty!

So, continue checking our website page and be sure to follow our social media accounts to stay up to date on how Villanova OFTW is making a difference!




Why did you choose to get involved with OFTW?

“I think almost everybody knows that people are suffering in the developing world and most people want to do something to help. I was certainly in that boat. I didn’t know how to turn my good intentions into action that would make a difference. One for the World allows me to go from good intentions to good action and help fight to end extreme poverty around the world.”

-Evan McVail, former Co-President & Chapter Founder, current OFTW COO


Why did you choose to get involved with OFTW?

“I got involved with One for the World because each of us, at one point or another, were given a chance. A chance to learn, a chance to explore the world, a chance to live. Over 10 million children each year aren’t give those chances. I always wanted to help but my intentions never became actions. One for the World changed all of that. OFTW allows me to fight extreme poverty by giving those 10 million kids and their families a chance and thats an incredible gift to give!”

- Gillian Wangler, former Co-President

CHARITY SPOTLIGHT: Against Malaria Foundation

amf anotha.jpg

The goals of the Against Malaria Foundation are clear and straightforward: to help protect people from malaria. This highly preventable disease kills 500,000 people each year, making it a humanitarian issue. Providing mosquito nets to people in affected areas, including the countries of sub-Saharan Africa, southern Asia, and areas in South America, the Against Malaria Foundation is able to prevent the transmission of the disease.

So, why did One for the World choose the Against Malaria Foundation to be a selected charity? Simple. This foundation does an incredible amount of good in a direct fashion. It distributes long-lasting bed nets for a cost of merely $2.50 per net, allowing them to fund over $25 million distributions so far. Carefully reviewing proposals from charities that distribute bed nets, AMF chooses only those that demonstrate effectiveness and dedication. 100% of each dollar donated purchases bed nets, giving each donor a direct line of vision from their donation to its impact. All in all, AMF is making strides against malaria. It is a charity One for the World is proud to support. Join us in preventing malaria by making the pledge!