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Everybody wants to live in a world without extreme poverty. Since 2014, One For The World has been working towards making this a reality by empowering and mobilising the international student body to make a difference. We partner with Effective Altruism research organisations such as Give Well and The Life You Can Save to ensure that every dollar we raise goes as far as possible in achieving our mission.

Since July 2018, we at the University of Melbourne have already recruited dozens of students and young professionals into the movement and raised thousands of dollars through our 1% (minimum) pledge system. In the future, we will continue to strive forward in creating the future we all dream of - a world without extreme poverty.

(Please note that if you’re based in Australia and are about to make the pledge, then you won’t be able to use the normal pledge system that our North American brethren use. Instead, you’ll have to click on our special ‘Make The Pledge’ button just above and use the donation platform provided to us by our friends over at Effective Altruism Australia. This is a temporary solution while we work on getting tax deductibility for all our partner charities.)

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Join the One for the World Unimelb Committee!


We are Hiring!

One for the World Unimelb is growing and is looking for amazing people to join us.

We are are hiring for the following roles:

  • People and Culture Team - help us create an amazing culture that engages and inspires our committee

  • Marketing and Social Media Team - help us reach out to more people and create amazing content

  • Partnerships and External Relations Team - help us expand our influence and create new connections

  • Student Ambassadorship and Fundraising Team - help our student ambassadors recruit more pledgers

  • Events Team - help us plan, organise and run amazing events that inform and inspire

  • Photographer/Videographer - take our visual media and content creation to the next level

  • Graphic/UX Designer - improve and enhance the impact of our content, systems and marketing

  • Front-end Developer - take our web presence to the next level

To apply, download the position description here and follow the links within it: POSITION DESCRIPTION

Student Ambassadorship Training Session 08/10

Giving Game + Launch Event 02/10

Wrap Up Post by Co-President Stefano Gunawan

Hey all! Thank you so so much for coming down to our launch event on Tuesday - it was a really great success and awesome way to kickoff our brand new OFTW Unimelb Chapter.

Thanks to all of your attendance we raised $90USD for the Fred Hollows Foundation and $130USD for the Against Malaria Foundation! This is no small matter. It means that together we have funded 3 sight-saving surgeries for people in need and 43 anti-malaria bed nets for people in malaria-stricken parts of sub-Saharan Africa!!! It's pretty clear that together, we can make a MASSIVE difference, so kudos to all of you awesome people! <3

Hopefully we all learnt something extremely valuable about the importance of Effective, Evidence-based Giving practises too! (the fact that Playpumps International went from about 5 votes in the beginning to 0 votes at the end is a pretty good indication)

Finally, I just wanted to give a shout-out to all those individuals who, on the back of our Giving Game event, decided to join the fight against extreme global poverty by making the OFTW Pledge!! All up we have about 23 student pledges now, which means that thousands of student dollars have been mobilised in the fight against poverty which wouldn't been dedicated otherwise. And that's all thanks to you guys! :D

Till next time,
Co-pres Stefano <3

Post-Giving Game Group Photo!

Post-Giving Game Group Photo!