The average first-year post Stanford MBA salary + bonus puts students in the richest 0.1% of the world’s population (and the top 5% of US earners). That is over 125 times the global average!

The question we all face as future graduates is:

What do you plan to do with it?


One for the World (1FTW) is a movement that encourages students to begin exploring possible answers to that question.  Rooted in the Stanford Graduate School of Business mission to "Change Lives. Change Organizations. Change the World", we challenge students to think about how they will make an impact through financial giving.

Our Goals for One for the World at Stanford GSB are:

  • Priority 1: Get classmates to donate at least 1% of summer / post grad income on an ongoing basis to their choice of vetted One for the World effective charities with the goal of ending extreme poverty.
  • Priority 2: Help students start to think about and create their long term giving portfolio strategy – where to give, how much and when?

It is time we are as thoughtful about ROI on our social investments as we are about our financial investments. Inspired by other business schools across the country, we excitedly introduced One for the World to Stanford GSB in the Spring of 2018.

We are eager to see the impact that this initiative will have. Join us in the One for the World movement!