About Us

Harvard Law School Effective Altruism began its partnership with One for the World in 2017 as part of its mission to help law students make the world a better place through career choices, charity selection, and social action. One for the World plays a significant and ever-increasing role in such initiatives as HLS Gives, in which second-year Harvard Law students pledge to donate 1% of their summer earnings to effective charities, as well as the 3L Career Pledge, in which graduating students pledge to donate 1% of their annual income to effective charities. 

Feel free to learn more or contact us via our website or facebook page

Board Members

Cullen O’Keefe ’19 – President

Carolyn Killea ’18 – Vice President

Vivian Dong ’18 – Programming Director

Adam Savitt ’18 – Treasurer

Rachel Wang ’19 – Outreach Director

Craig Smyser ’19 – Education Director

Eric Martínez ’19 – Development Director

Grace Zhu ’20 – Employer Relations Director

Bárbara Medrado '19 – Professor Engagement Chair

Matthew Reardon ’18 – President Emeritus