Board Members

Presidents: Andrew Zuckerman, Jonas Nelle

Director of Student Ambassador Program: Jadyn Broomfield

Director of Education: Garrett Walker

Director of Operations: Stephen Casper

Directors of Technology: Alex Iansiti, Yi Lin Wang

Directors of Outreach and PR: Regan Brady, Drew Lewis

Director of Brand and Content: Jen Eason, Jake Gilbert

Directors of Social Media and Marketing: Sahil Handa, Michael Montella

Bridge to Seniors: Lance Johnson

Treasurer: Vanessa Ruales


About Us

The Harvard Giving Pledge (HGP) was started in spring 2018 with the purpose of encouraging all Harvard College students to donate at least 1% of their income to effective organizations that limit preventable suffering and assist people in extreme poverty. We focus on both graduating seniors looking towards their first jobs as well as undergraduates taking on summer internships or term-time employment.

The Opportunity

If the members of one Harvard class donated just 1% of their starting salaries to charity, they could collectively raise over $1,000,000 in their first year alone. That’s enough money to protect over 600,000 people from malaria for three to four years. 


We are excited to partner with One for the World, which has provided tremendously helpful advice, resources, charity recommendations, and an online payment system for Harvard College students that take the pledge.