One for the World asks students and alumni to donate 1% of their income to effective charities. Our goal is to fund non-profits that provide basic healthcare and clean water to people living on less than $1.25 per day.

We developed a rigorous process for evaluating non-profits and have identified the most effective organizations in this space: The Against Malaria Foundation, GiveDirectly, Possible, Living Goods and Population Services International.

We are starting the movement at Columbia University,  join us.


What does OFTW mean to you?


"As a college student, it's easy to get wrapped up in academics and worrying about internships, life after college, etc. I used to volunteer in my local community frequently, but during my first year at Columbia I not only participated in very little service opportunities but lost sight of giving back. OFTW means I not only have the platform for effective giving but that I can rediscover my passion as well. It's the push I need to work towards getting back on track and remembering what really matters. "

-Sofia Smith, Marketing Co-Chair

11/09/17: OFTW Hosts Bernard-Henri Lévy

Last week, we hosted Bernard-Henry Lévy, a celebrated philosopher, activist and filmmaker, for a lively discussion on the philosophy of activism, international engagement and why committing oneself to others is not a choice but a moral requirement.

Bernard-Henri Lévy answered the call of famed French writer and statesman André Malraux to support Bangladesh in the fight for independence and against genocide. Since then Lévy has filmed and given a voice to millions from Bosnia, Darfur and Colombia to Sri Lanka, Burundi, the Nuba Mountains, Pakistan, Libya, Afghanistan and most recently, Kurdistan.

10/23/17: OFTW Columbia Hosts Alan Dershowitz

We recently hosted a discussion with Alan Dershowitz, an American lawyer, jurist, and author. At only 28, Dershowitz became the youngest professor of law in the history of Harvard Law School. He was also the appellate adviser for the defense in the O.J Simpson murder trial in 1995. The discussion was moderated by Gabi Steele, previously at The Washington Post. During the event, Dershowitz discussed both the positive and negative consequences of the widespread growth of technology, urging students to take advantage of recent developments in order to address—and potentially solve—current worldwide issues. Dershowtiz also commented on the importance of “strategic philanthropy”, essentially figuring out ways to allow people to help themselves in the long term.  


10/10/17: OFTW Hosts Steve Hind

Steve Hind is now at one of the world's largest hedge funds. His impressive background includes an MBA at Harvard Business School and time spent at The Boston Consulting Group. 

Hind has always been fundamentally curious and passionate about philantrophy and how to encourage our generation to take action. This past year, he joined the advisory board of 1ForTheWorld. Come hear Hind discuss how he has taken his experience at some of the top firms in the world and translated that knowledge to pursuing the betterment of others' lives.