OFTW Enrolls 28 Dedicated Student Ambassadors from Class of 2015


We are proud to announce that OFTW has enrolled 28 student ambassadors from WG’15. Our student ambassadors are very passionate about building a movement to promote philanthropy, educate peers about effective giving and commit 1% of future income to effective altruism.

Vishal Gupta, Director of Student Ambassadors, “We have come a long way - starting from coffee chats to a session with Adam Grant to talk about student ambassador projects on marketing OFTW to student ambassador social gatherings. We have built a strong OFTW community at Wharton.”

We interviewed some of our student ambassadors to find out why they joined OFTW:

"I joined One For The World because I truly believe in the impact that we can have and I want to make sure we don't miss this opportunity to come together."
Sakina Zaidi, WG’15
"I have decided to take the pledge because giving well and effectively - whether time or money - can reduce injustices, increase opportunities and improve lives."
Faisal Choudhury, WG’15
"I have decided to take the pledge because I believe that I should give back, since I have been blessed with so many opportunities."
Laura Nugent, WG’15
"I have decided to take the pledge because now is the time to commit to philanthropy when Wharton students can truly make a difference."
Michael Tedori, WG’15
"I have decided to take the pledge because OFTW has curated a shortlist of charities based on business principles that maximizes our impact per dollar to those who need it most."
Steve Campfield, WG’15