OFTW is hiring: we're looking for a Founding Executive Director

Since OFTW started in 2014 we have grown to a movement of over 1,000 donors and 30+ chapters at the country’s top undergraduate, MBA and law programs. To date, OFTW has been run by a group of volunteers, who have built OFTW on nights and weekends alongside their day jobs. In the last year we have received seed funding from the Open Philanthropy Project (on the recommendation of GiveWell) to support our expansion through to 2020, have tripled the number of campus chapters we operate, and have increased our pledged donations nearly five-fold (see our recent blog post here). We are now looking to hand the leadership of the organization over to one or two exceptional people who want to build One for the World into one of the defining parts of the American philanthropic landscape.

One for the World needs a full-time Founding Executive Director or Directors (e.g. a solo founder or a co-founder model). The successful candidate (or candidates) will:

  • Deeply identify with our mission and share our vision for how to transform philanthropy

  • Be energized and excited by the opportunity to capitalize on OFTW’s current momentum to build a truly exceptional organization

  • Be equally excited about determining strategy, engaging with funders, chapter leaders and donors and about rolling up their sleeves to run and improve operations.

  • Already be an exceptional leader along some of the dimensions mentioned above, and be excited to learn and grow their skills in other areas

In terms of background and professional experience, we think the successful candidate has:

  • A college degree and at least five years of professional experience (including any time in grad school) in fields like management consulting, finance, or at high performing non-profits or startups

  • A track record of leadership - whether in the workplace, on campus, or in other philanthropic causes

  • A demonstrable ability to build and scale organizations or programs

  • ‘All rounder’ skills across strategic thinking, operations, marketing and quantitative analysis, with exceptional strengths in at least one of those areas

For more information about these positions and how to apply, please see the full job posting here.