Scaling OFTW: our first hire and funding from the Open Philanthropy Project

We want to significantly contribute towards ending global poverty by growing aggressively and raising large sums of money for some of the world's most effective charities. In line with this, we're excited to announce two important steps in the growth of One for the World. On the recommendation of GiveWell, we’ve secured multi-year financial support from the Open Philanthropy Project and a private donor. This has allowed us to make our first full time hire, and we are delighted to introduce Evan McVail in the role of COO.

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One for the World on Knowledge@Wharton

Kate and Josh, our co-founders, appeared on the Knowledge@Wharton show on SiriusXM last week to discuss One for the World, our history and our aspirations for changing the culture around giving in the United States. You can check out the show below (the segment starts at 2:58).

One for the World's Top Picks for 2018

We have just concluded the annual review of our charity partners and are excited to announce our Top Picks for 2018! The charities in our Top Picks portfolio this year are: Against Malaria Foundation, Living Goods, GiveDirectly, Possible and Project Healthy Children. This is the first year that we have added Project Healthy Children to our Top Picks portfolio, and we're excited to support their excellent work improving nutrition in low income countries. Our wider portfolio of 19 charities selected by The Life You Can Save's panel of experts, remains the same. This blog post will give an overview of this year's selection process, and each of the charities in our Top Picks portfolio.

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This Month I’d Have Finished Paying Off My Student Loans — If I Hadn’t Donated Half of My “Repayments” So Far to Charity

As I was finishing my MBA I argued that likely the best opportunity my classmates and I had for making a positive difference in the world was to give away a relatively small portion of our incomes to highly effective charities that help the world’s poorest people. In that piece, I outlined the pledge my wife and I had made to give about 10% of our income to charities that do just that. Now, about two years later I want to share my experience of trying to live out that argument in practice.

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Our position regarding recent revelations of serious misconduct at Oxfam

In February 2018, The Times published an article giving details of serious misconduct by Oxfam staff in Haiti in 2011, during their response to the 2010 earthquake. In 2011, Oxfam allowed three men to resign and fired four others for gross misconduct after an inquiry concerning sexual exploitation, the downloading of pornography, bullying and intimidation. In the following weeks, more details and allegations of staff misconduct have emerged, some of which are very disturbing. Wikipedia provides a clear summary of the allegations. As Oxfam is currently in our portfolio of recommended charities, because of its recommendation by The Life You Can Save, we are monitoring the situation closely as more information becomes available.

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