Our 2018 Annual Report

We are delighted to share our Annual Report for the academic year 2017-2018, which you can read in full here. Key highlights include:

  • An update on donations to our recommended charities: our members donated over $147K to our recommended nonprofits this academic year. With 655 new members joining this year, we estimate that these donations will increase significantly in the next couple of years.

  • This year, we welcomed nine new chapters and grew our total presence to 16 universities. We are particularly excited to have gained traction in international markets in Canada and Australia.

  • We added Project Healthy Children to our Top Picks (our ‘favorite’ non-profits). Project Healthy Children works with national governments and manufacturers to operate food fortification programs to provide vulnerable populations with essential micronutrients to fight malnutrition at very low cost (only 25 cents per person per year).   

  • Our chapters hosted numerous marketing events with high-profile speakers including Justin Tuck (NFL player), Elie Hassenfeld (Co-founder and Executive Director of GiveWell), and Alan Dershowitz (prominent constitutional law scholar).

  • We received a generous grant from a private donor and the Open Philanthropy Project, upon the recommendation of GiveWell. This grant will be used to hire full-time staff to scale the organization, increase our marketing investment, and fund additional chapter expansion. We are particularly pleased to welcome our first full-time hire and COO, Evan McVail!