Our new and improved partner selection process

We have a new and improved process to select our portfolio of highly effective charities. This process allows us to leverage the expertise of The Life You Can Save through our partnership.

Our new partner selection process has two stages:

  1. The Life You Can Save’s “Panel of Experts” selects our full portfolio, by focusing on evidence, efficiency, and execution of charities working to assist people living in extreme poverty.
  2. We choose a subset of these organizations to be designated as ‘OFTW Top Picks’. We select ‘Top Picks’ using five criteria: direct impact, simplicity of programs, track record, cultural fit, existing recommendations.

This blog post gives an overview of our new process. You can read our full partner selection strategy here.

Stage 1: Selection of full portfolio by TLYCS’s Panel of Experts

Like One for the World, TLYCS’s mission is to improve the lives of people living in extreme poverty, and it selects charities that help achieve that goal. A full overview of TLYCS’s charity selection methodology can be found here, but in short it uses three broad criteria to select its charities:

  1. Evidence: the size, quality and relevance of the evidence base for a charity.

  2. Efficiency: the cost effectiveness of a charity’s programs (how much ‘return on investment’ they achieve).

  3. Execution: whether the charity has good programs in need of additional funding, and whether the organization is capable of executing these programs. 

To identify charities to recommend, TLYCS uses a ‘Panel of Experts’, and leverages research by the best charity evaluation organizations. The Panel currently consists of Caroline Fiennes, Eric Friedman, Dean Karlan and Peter Singer (see here for more details). 

Stage 2: Selection of ‘OFTW Top Picks’ by our partner selection committee

We will form a partner selection committee each spring to choose our ‘OFTW Top Picks’. This committee will consist of OFTW members and supporters from each of our chapters, and will be led by Rossa O’Keeffe-O’Donovan, who has led our partner selection process since we were founded. We use five criteria to select our Top Picks:

  1. Direct impact: we have a preference for organizations that are working to reduce preventable deaths and assist people living in extreme poverty directly (as opposed to indirectly helping these people, for example through research or policy advocacy).
  2. Simplicity of programs: we have a preference for organizations with simpler programming so that it is easy to explain to our member how their donations are being spent and having an impact.
  3. Track record: we have a preference for organizations with a longer track record of success.
  4. Cultural fit: we have a preference for organizations that will appeal to our members, who are largely graduates of professional degree programs. For example, in 2015 we presented a shortlist of three charities to our members, and there was a strong preference for us to add Living Goods because of their sustainable model and use of profit-driven community health workers.
  5. Existing recommendations: we have a preference for organizations that we have recommended in the past, to maintain consistency in our promotion of our ‘Top Picks’.

If you are interested in joining our partner selection committee for 2017, you can find out more details and apply here.