New charities, chapters and donations - read our Spring 2017 report!

We are excited to share One for the World’s bi-annual report, which summarizes our performance over the past 6 months and provides an update on our direction as an organization.

Below are three highlights from our bi-annual report; click here to see the full report.

  • We have raised over ~$110K to date and are on track to reach $200K by the end of the year. This money has made a life-saving impact on ~40K people living in extreme poverty.
  • We have expanded our portfolio of charities to include 18 organizations. Our expansion helps OFTW address a wider range of societal issues and appeal to a broader base of potential donors.
  • We have updated our “Top Picks” charities, which represent a subset of 5 of the 18 charities in our portfolio. You can read about the new selections here.  

You can also read our previous biannual reports: