One for the World's Top Picks for 2019

We are pleased to announce the results of our 2019 Partner Selection process. Our Top Picks for 2019 are: Against Malaria Foundation, GiveDirectly, Living Goods, Malaria Consortium’s Seasonal Chemoprevention Therapy Program, and Helen Keller International’s Vitamin A Program. Malaria Consortium and Helen Keller International are new additions to our Top Picks: we were very impressed with the cost-effectiveness and high quality of evidence supporting their programs, and are excited to promote the work they do in reducing under-5 mortality across the world. This post will give an overview of this year’s selection process, and each of our Top Picks for 2019.

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Updating our charities to fully align with GiveWell's recommendations

From April 1 2019, One for the World will be updating our full portfolio of recommended charities to fully align with GiveWell's Top and Standout charities. This blog post will explain the reasons for this switch, and how it will affect our members' donations. Donations that are split equally between our Top Picks or full portfolio will automatically be updated to reflect our new portfolios from April 1. Donors who currently give to an individual charity can continue to do so, and new donors will continue to have this option. Donors will also have a new giving option, for GiveWell to redirect your donation at its discretion.

We're excited about this change - we think that GiveWell is the best charity evaluator out there, and we think that our donors should therefore have even more confidence in the impact of our updated charity recommendations.

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OFTW is hiring: we're looking for a Founding Executive Director

Since OFTW started in 2014 we have grown to a movement of over 1,000 donors and 30+ chapters at the country’s top undergraduate, MBA and law programs. To date, OFTW has been run by a group of volunteers, who have built OFTW on nights and weekends alongside their day jobs. In the last year we have received seed funding from the Open Philanthropy Project (on the recommendation of GiveWell) to support our expansion through to 2020, have tripled the number of campus chapters we operate, and have increased our pledged donations nearly five-fold (see our recent blog post here). We are now looking to hand the leadership of the organization over to one or two exceptional people who want to build One for the World into one of the defining parts of the American philanthropic landscape.

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6 month update: growth and donations

  • The 'annual donations in the pipeline' recruited so far this academic year is up ~500% relative to the same time last year ($404k vs $70k). However, ~40% of the new dollars recruited will only become active after 1-3 years, which presents challenges in limiting donor churn. Taking this delay and historical rates of churn into account, we estimate that the expected present discounted value of these pledges is about $1.1m.

  • We think that this step change in growth is a direct result of increasing our capacity by hiring Evan in July 2018, which has allowed us to expand the number of chapters we have, improve chapter management and focus on improving OFTW's donation infrastructure.

  • Our members have donated ~$110k to our charities in the first half of the year (July - Dec 2018), compared to ~$67k in the same period last year (July - Dec 2017).

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Mid-year report & holiday season reflections

The holiday season is a time of family and friends, a time to express gratitude, and a time to reflect on the year gone by. At One for the World, we are taking this opportunity to express our deep appreciation for the One for the World community and to share a quick update on our performance for the first half of fiscal year 2019.

Here are some highlights:

  • We have donated $380K since our founding, which has transformed the lives of thousands of extremely poor children and families. For details on our impact, see below.

  • We have donated $94,447 FY19 YTD, excluding pledged donations. This represents an extremely strong start given our donations are seasonal and generally concentrated in April. Our rapid growth rate of ~522% YoY is unprecedented.

  • We continue to grow our reach across the U.S. We have grown to 26 chapters and some of our new members include Kellogg, Chicago Booth, George Washington University, Brown, University of Michigan, University of Vanderbilt, Wellesley, Virginia Commonwealth, and University of Florida.

Impact at our Top Picks since our founding

  • Against Malaria Foundation: distributed 34k bednets

  • Living Goods provided healthcare services / products to: 24k people

  • GiveDirectly: disbursed $29k in unconditional cash transfers to people in need

  • Population Services International: provided 1,000+ years of healthy life via a variety of programs (e.g., HIV, malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia treatment & prevention,)

  • Possible: delivered critical, high quality healthcare to 466 people in rural Nepal

As you head into the holiday season, we encourage you to continue to spread the One for the World movement by talking to your friends, family, colleagues, and others in your community about effective giving. Thank you and happy holidays!


The One for the World Executive Committee

Kate Epstein WG’14, Blair Gillespie Wharton ’18, Steve Hind HBS’16, Carolyn Killea HLS ’18, Josh McCann WG’14, Evan McVail Villanova ‘18, Mary Johnson Morris Wharton ’18, Rossa O’Keeffe-O’Donovan Penn’17, Charlie Scott WG ‘17, Nadav Steinmetz Columbia ‘19, Rob Struck WG’16, Gillian Wangler Villanova ’17, Jen Wong, WG ‘17