Executive Committee

The One for the World Executive Committee drives strategy and operations across all of the chapters. 

Kate Epstein head shot.jpg

Josh McCann - Co-Founder, New Chapter Expansion

Josh leads One for the World’s new chapter expansion efforts. Josh co-founded the first One for the World chapter at Wharton in 2014. Josh is an Associate Syndications Officer at the International Finance Corporation, the private sector investment arm of the World Bank, where he works to create financial products that mobilize institutional capital to invest in the emerging world. He has previously worked in various roles in Sierra Leone, Nigeria and his native Australia.

Kate Epstein - Co-Founder

Kate co-founded One for the World at Wharton in 2014. Kate has been involved in One for the World in various capacities throughout the years, ranging from Marketing to Chapter Management to Strategy. Kate currently lives in New York and works in Strategy & Operations at Cengage, a leading edtech company. She has previously held roles at L.E.K. Consulting and Grey Group.

Steve Hind.jpg

Steve Hind - Chair of the Executive Committee

Steve is the chair of One for the World's board. In 2015 he founded OFTW's second chapter, at Harvard Business School, and prior to his current role he led OFTW's alumni engagement efforts and managed the Executive Committee. He works in business operations at Stripe and previously held roles at Bridgewater Associates and The Boston Consulting Group.


Evan mcvail - chief operating officer

Evan primarily focuses on Chapter Management, New Chapter Expansion, and Operations. Evan co-founded the OFTW chapter at Villanova University in 2017 and joined OFTW as Chief Operating Officer in 2018.


Charlie Scott - OperatioNs / Finance

Charlie manages general operations and finance. Charlie was the co-president of the Wharton chapter from 2016-2017 and joined the Executive Committee in 2017. Charlie is a Senior Product Manager at Amazon where he focuses on personalization.


Jen Wong - Chapter Management

Jen manages the coordination of the graduate and undergraduate chapters. Jen was a member of the Wharton chapter in 2016-2017 and joined the Executive Committee in 2017. Jen is a Private Investments Analyst at Glenmede Trust where she is responsible for impact-related private investments and investments into emerging markets. She has previously worked in various roles in Malawi, Liberia, Israel, and Kenya.


Ian Yamey - Technology

Ian manages One For The World’s donation platform and advises on technology strategy. Ian has built several successful VC-backed tech startups and is currently the CTO at QuadPay. Ian is also the founder of Donational.org, an automated online advisor for building personal charitable portfolios based on Effective Altruism principles.


Nadav Steinmetz - New Chapter Expansion

Nadav primarily focuses on establishing new partnerships that would leverage OFTW's impact. He co-founded the OFTW chapter at Columbia University in 2017, joined the the Executive Committee that year, and previously led OFTW's new chapter expansion efforts. Nadav is currently an Investment Analyst at The Blackstone Group.

Rob Struck.jpg

Rob Struck - Technology

Rob focuses on data, website, and email platform management.  Rob was the co-president of the Wharton chapter from 2015 - 2016 and joined the Executive Committee in 2016. Rob is a Strategy and Operations leader at YouTube where he works with the Product Partnerships team to maximize their impact by driving strategic initiatives and running operations for the team.


Rossa O'Keeffe-O'Donovan - Partner Selection

Rossa spearheads One for the World’s charity selection process and has been our subject matter expert on effective altruism since OFTW launched at Wharton in 2014. Rossa is a research fellow in Economics at the University of Oxford. He has a PhD in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania, and has worked in various roles for GiveWell, the World Bank, Vivid Economics, Giving What We Can and Pump Aid Malawi.